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Group Coaching - Darcy Proctor Wellness

Group Coaching

Get your health back on track by joining like-minded moms, in a supportive group setting.

Do you feel like you've tried every possible pill, fad, diet, or crazy exercise regime to get healthy and nothing ever seems to work, or it does for just a brief period of time and then you're right back to where you started?  Or maybe you fell off the wagon and when you went back to your tried and true methods, they lead to zero results?  I have been there and it is SO frustrating!  It makes you just want to throw in the towel and give up on that healing, healthy lifestyle you've been working so hard to achieve.  Perhaps it's not just the methods that aren't working for your unique body but the support surrounding you in adopting this new lifestyle.  

If you've tried to make lifestyle changes on your own before with no or little success and you're ready to commit to your health, getting loads of support from women in the exact same position might just be the kind of push you need to get over that hump and maintain lifelong changes.  Sometimes all we need is to know that we're not alone and there are other people dealing with the exact same struggles.  Sure, some people have family at home to support them, but let's be real, their goals are not your goals and they're support can only go so far.  They can't begin to understand what it feels like in the body of woman with a slow thyroid.  It also certainly doesn't help that the world around us makes us feel like freaks when we try to do or eat something nourishing.  You know, that person who asks the waiter to hold the bread, steam the vegetables, and box up half of their meal?... Crazy lady!  

Group coaching allows for a safe, intimate space to share your struggles, feel validated, and most importantly supported by your peers.  Each session will focus on a different topic ranging from vegetables to relationships to mindfulness, and will allow for group sharing.  As a certified holistic wellness coach, Darcy will guide the discussion and offer unlimited support in class and online.  You're odds of success increase dramatically when you have a team in place to support and encourage you along your journey.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller‚Äč

What's included:

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    One private 1 hour, 1:1 session with Darcy
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    Five, 90 minute virtual group sessions every other week with an intimate group of 3-8 like-minded moms
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    Helpful handouts, recipes, or other appropriate resources
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    Private, members only Facebook group for continued support throughout the program and beyond.
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    Unlimited email support from Darcy between sessions
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    A safe, non-judgemental, supportive space to break through your roadblocks and achieve success
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    Tons of love and encouragement from group members and Darcy.  

Nearly half the investment of private coaching,
Moms' Night Out is only $250!

*Sessions scheduled when 3-8 participants have registered.  

Have questions or want to get on the waitlist?  CONTACT ME so we can discuss if group coaching is the right program for you.

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