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My Experience with a Parasite Cleanse - Darcy Proctor Wellness

My Experience with a Parasite Cleanse

By Darcy Proctor

Jun 27

If you have unexplained digestive troubles, brain fog, joint pain, insomnia, skin rashes, itching, and/or crazy mood swings, parasites may be the underlying cause.  I know, it’s a gross topic to talk about, but I feel it is yet another root cause of thyroid disorders that does not get the attention it deserves.  If you have been suffering from unexplained symptoms that you just can’t seem to resolve, you may want to consider a natural parasite cleanse. 


This post contains affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. I only promote products and/or services that I have investigated and/or tried myself and feel offers the most value to you.

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with Tick Borne Relapsing Fever (TBRF), which unfortunately, I believe I had been battling for years and likely contributed to my hypothyroidism.  I had just attended an autoimmune summit and Lyme disease summit where Dr. Todd Watts discussed his own experience with Lyme disease and Babesia and Dr. Jay Davidson told of his wife’s struggle with Hashimoto’s.   The common thread with these two illnesses surprisingly was parasites!  These two doctors co-founded Microbe Formulas as they saw first-hand how parasites can be a key part of the puzzle to these chronic diseases.  I found their stories and their research to be very compelling so I decided to be a human guinea pig yet again and give it a try. 

Please note that I am not a doctor and the opinions and experiences in this article are purely from my own personal experience.  If you have more questions about parasites and how they may be affecting your personal health conditions, please seek the advice from a qualified functional medicine physician and/or herbalist.

I wish I knew before being treated for TBRF that different bacteria, such as that responsible for TBRF and Lyme disease, can hide inside of parasites until it is safe to reemerge again and potentially re-infect you.  So after months of treatment, whether you choose antibiotics or natural remedies, you may never fully be rid of the bacteria if it is hitch-hiking inside of parasites hiding inside of you.  This was my main reason for trying a parasite cleanse, but I also had plenty of other risk factors that convinced me that I was going to benefit from this cleanse.  Some of these included traveling to many foreign countries, including a summer in Kenya, and having worked with animals all of my life.  The main way to contract parasites is through contaminated food or water, so if you have ever suffered from food poisoning or gotten a bad case of diarrhea while traveling, chances are you’ve got some nasty worms living inside of you.

There are many different kinds of parasites that you can contract, but some of the major ones are round worms, whip-worms, tape worms, hookworms, pinworms, and flukes.  Blastocystis hominis in particular has been linked to Hashimoto’s as is documented in this study.  If you want to know for sure if you have a parasite and specifically what kind(s), stool testing is the main diagnostic tool when diagnosing a parasite infection.  Unfortunately, false negatives are quite common since conventional tests require a live parasite viewed by a technician in order for a test to be positive.  Parasites can be dormant or at a different stage in its lifecycle when you get tested, which would lead to a false positive test.  A comprehensive PCR stool test can often provide more accurate results since it doesn’t require a live parasite and utilizes its DNA instead.  Stool tests which consist of multiple samples over different days are also a better option than just one sample.  If your test comes back positive and you know the exact species of parasite, you can then utilize specific medication to eradicate that particular species.  If you don’t want to get a stool test, have received a false result, or question if parasites are the cause of your discomfort, a natural parasite cleanse such as the one offered by Microbe Formulas, is a great step to start healing.  If you are in fact suffering from a parasitic infection, you will most likely see evidence of worms in your stool on this protocol confirming your diagnosis.

The Microbe Formulas protocol consists of four phases: prepare, remove, build, restore.  The first phase utilizes herbs, bioactive carbon, and minerals to help open up your drainage pathways which is essential to any detox program.  This is my favorite part of the protocol as many detoxes do not focus on this all-important first phase.  Just think about it.  If you are killing parasites and pathogens and releasing toxins, but your lymph, kidneys, liver, and digestive system are not working properly, all of those nasty things are just going to stay in your body and get reabsorbed causing you even more pain and discomfort.  Making sure these pathways are working smoothly is the key to a successful detox.  The second phase focuses on killing and removing the parasites and toxins.  The third phase builds momentum on achieving a deeper detox while the fourth phase eliminates heavy metals and restores balance.

Have you ever noticed that you feel worse during a full moon?  Parasites are most active during this stage of the month.  However, this is a great time to increase your dosage of Mimosa Pudica and Formula 1 to kill the maximum number of parasites while they are out of their hiding spots.  Click here for more information on the Full Moon Challenge.

Make sure to start slowly with the supplements and work your way up to the recommended dosage.  Always listen to your body when adjusting the dosage of any supplement.  Be aware, that you may experience uncomfortable symptoms for a short period of time while the parasites give off toxins as they die.  This is normal and should subside within a couple of days.  Be sure to take the bioactive carbons regularly, drink lots of water, and make sure you are having at least two bowel movements daily to ease these symptoms.  While on the protocol, try to limit simple carbohydrates, sugar, and starchy foods as these continue to feed the parasites, making them harder to kill.

Please note that I did not use their complete detox protocol as written.  I was already taking some of my own complimentary supplements but did use Mimosa Mudica for 3 months as well as the Formula 1 and BioCarbons for 1 month and did a full moon challenge twice.  I immediately saw evidence of parasites in my stool so I knew I was on the right track. 

After 3 months, I know I still have more parasites as is physically evident but I decided to take a month off to see how my body reacted.  The first week off, I had the hardest time finding the words to my thoughts.  It has since gotten a bit better but I still don’t feel that my mind is sharp.  I am more irritable and craving sugar again as well.  This is proof enough for me, besides the physical evidence of course, to go back and do the full detox protocol.  The most notable improvements from my 3 months on Mimosa Pudica were a stabilizing of my mood, no anxiety, and clear thinking.  I felt great and I look forward to starting up the protocol again next month.  I will be sure to update this post with my findings.

To learn more about Microbe Formulas and how a parasite cleanse may be the key to eliminating your unexplained symptoms, click the button below.  SAVE %20 when you purchase the full protocol.