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About Me - Darcy Proctor Wellness

About Me

Hi, I'm Darcy.
I'm a wife, mom of 2 kids, and a passionate, holistic wellness coach on a mission to provide much needed support to those with hypothyroidism who feel overwhelmed and unheard so they may feel energized, confident, and sexy once again!

My personal health journey began, unbeknownst to me, at birth. I was delivered by emergency C-section due to labor complications. I then spent much of my childhood taking numerous rounds of antibiotics for bladder infections. I was a late bloomer, hitting puberty at 16 years old, and from then on had very irregular menstrual cycles. I eventually got diagnosed with hypothyroidism in my 20s, yet I still never noticed the link between all of these things happening in my body. I didn't know anything about hypothyroidism so I just went on the synthetic hormone medication my doctor prescribed without thinking twice. Sound familiar? All of these issues came to a head when my husband and I were ready to start a family. Unfortunately, the irregular cycles (and now PCOS) made it very difficult to conceive, so yup, you guessed it; I went on more synthetic hormones. I eventually was blessed with a baby girl and a son a few years later. I was elated to be pregnant, but from that day on my moods went haywire! I had no idea who this person was in my body anymore. I was miserable and had to figure out what was going on with my body. After being sent on my way by numerous doctors saying, "It's normal", "It's just your hormones", "Just give it time" etc., I realized I had to be my own advocate and continue searching for better answers. I spent years researching, and finally learned that the key to my well-being was through whole food, sleep, gentle movement, and stress reduction which I found in nature and music.  

As Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut" and man was mine destroyed! Right from my entrance into this world, my gut was deprived of all the beneficial bacteria that I would have received had I not been delivered by C-section. Then the antibiotics I had as a child killed any good bacteria that had started growing. I continued to ravage my poor gut for decades by eating foods that were causing harmful inflammation. What I thought was "good" food, was actually not the "right" food for me. Through education, a trusted medical team, trial and error, and a keen sense of listening to my body, I began to piece myself back together, literally from the inside out.  Finding the right functional doctor, getting on the right medication for my unique situation, finding hidden infections like tick borne relapsing fever and mycoplasma pneumonae, repairing nutrient deficiencies and uncovering food sensitivities where all essential components on my health journey.

Our journeys are life-long and are constantly changing, but they are our own. I will not provide a quick fix, one size fits all plan for you. Instead, you and I will co-create a completely personalized plan to get you the answers you need, the best strategies to implement, and the support you have been missing, so you can become the vibrant, confident, sexy woman you were meant to be.  

My loves...
family, traveling, camping, animals, and home sweet home

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