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FREE 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge - Darcy Proctor Wellness

Ensure long-term success by implementing 7 essential habits that are the foundation to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy thyroid.


APRIL 22 – 28, 2019

Join my Healthy Thyroid Over 40, exclusive Facebook Group to participate in the challenge.


The time to make a change is now!

You’ve tried all the fad diets and gone on a roller coaster of emotions and swings on the scale.  You know none of those lead to long-term success and you’re ready to start implementing small, actionable steps towards adopting a healthy lifestyle and an optimally functioning thyroid.  

There are 7 healthy habits that I have narrowed down in my practice which are key to ensuring your long-term success all while supporting the thyroid:

  • A good night sleep 
  • Reduce stress
  • Drink more water
  • Move every day
  • Eat a well balanced breakfast
  • Add more vegetables to your meals
  • Plan ahead


Does this seem overwhelming?  Are you already making excuses?  Don’t worry!  I don’t want you to take this important first step on your journey alone.  JOIN ME and a group of your peers, April 22- 28, 2019, to slowly incorporate these habits into your life ONE day at a time.  Through our members only Facebook group, we will be able to support each other through this challenge (and beyond) and help brainstorm creative ways to make these habits become second nature.

How the challenge works:

  • Receive daily emails with the “habit of the day”
  • Learn WHY the habits are important to your overall health
  • Discover the benefits of the habits 
  • Gain tips to incorporate the habits into your unique lifestyle
  • Receive support and guidance from a certified wellness coach (that’s me!)
  • Be held accountable, brainstorm, and support peers by joining my exclusive Facebook group for moms over 40 suffering from thyroid disorders.


In just 7 days you will understand why these 7 habits must be a priority in your life and you will know exactly how to incorporate them into your unique lifestyle.  You then can continue your wellness journey with confidence that you will achieve the long-term success you have been seeking.

To ensure you receive all of the valuable challenge information, please:

  1. Join my exclusive Facebook community for moms, Healthy Thyroid Over 40, where you will receive tons of support, information, laughs and cries, prizes, and solutions to living a vibrant life with thyroid disease.
  2.  Enter your name and email address below to receive the daily habit emails which will explain each goal in detail, options for achieving that goal, and an explanation why it is so vital to your overall well-being.


It’s time to take control of your health and your thyroid and live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Grab a friend and join me for this FREE challenge today!  

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