I guide and support moms to get leaner and healthier so they can feel energized, strong, and sexy!

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 It's time to ditch the diet mentality and start focusing on being HAPPY, HEALTHY, and WHOLE.

Hi!  I'm Darcy.

Are you a mom who has been so busy taking care of everyone else, that you have forgotten to take care of yourself or even forgotten who you truly are?  Do you find yourself feeling more anxious, depressed, foggy, moody, and planning your errands around the next coffee shop just so you can get through the day?  Have you gone to the doctor only to be told you're fine, even though you feel anything but fine?  I've been there, and I completely understand how you're feeling! It's time to find the true YOU again and feel your best once and for all! No quick fixes, crazy fad diets, or pills and potions.  Together, we will create easy, actionable steps to reach your wellness goals, that work best for your unique body and lifestyle.  I can't wait for you to feel happy, healthy and whole again!



Dive deep into what your wellness goals are, how to reach them, and break through the roadblocks that have been  holding you back from living your most fulfilling life.   Together we will co-create a holistic roadmap to improve your health and happiness.  We will meet for an hour, every other week, over 3 or 6 months via phone or video conference.


Press reset on your body by giving your mind, body, and soul a much needed rest for 5 days.  Receive tons of delicious WHOLE food recipes, online group support, detailed protocol including done-for-you shopping list.  This program is run seasonally.


Meet like-minded moms who are struggling with similar challenges.  Groups provide tons of support and accountability to help you reach your goals.  Work together to develop strategies to help you improve your quality of life.  Groups are held by video conference and contain only 3-8 members.  Grab your girlfriends and join me!    

I couldn't be more impressed...

I started wellness coaching with Darcy just short of a month ago and I couldn't be more impressed!  My motivation was to alleviate joint and body pain from an injury that I experienced approximately a year ago. The pain was debilitating at times and I just kept pushing through it. Additionally, over the years, I had gained about 30 lbs and I was looking to lose weight and get more lean. Within the first week, I was almost 100% pain free, was sleeping like a baby and felt 30 + years younger! I am 63 years old, work sometimes 60 hours in a week, am an avid horseback rider and busy realtor. Darcy has changed my life and the way I feel about myself and for that I am extremely grateful! 

beth m.  //  Real Estate Agent

Darcy is a great wellness coach...

Darcy is a great wellness coach! I just completed the 5-day winter reboot. The program was well prepared, the recipes were delicious, and Darcy was helpful and accessible. I kicked sugar (for a little while) and the detox helped jump start me to eat healthier again and to take some much needed time for me. I would highly recommend the program for anyone looking to recenter themselves, and I plan on doing the spring detox. Thanks Darcy!" ​​​​

dana r.  //  Photographer

Download your FREE guide,
"10 Simple Steps to a Leaner, Healthier You"

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